“Pick up your visual scanning”  (Poster  #2)

Favourite Star Wars Poster #2

Star Wars by the Brothers Hildebrandt

More than actually loving this poster, as I do so many others, I just have to include this one because it’s so iconic of Star Wars. This image sums up a lot of memories of 70′s Star Wars, the pre-Episode anything, pre-corporate, pre-franchise Star Wars you watched with wonder as a kid. They even used the basic image concept for ‘Anniversary’ branding of modern merchandise.

As I mentioned in the last poster-post, the original concept for this was by Tom Jung, but the final poster that was used (below), was an interpretation of that by the Brothers Hildebrandt.

Here’s s piece from posterwire.com about the late Tim Hildebrandt, and the creation of this iconic image: http://posterwire.com/archives/2006/06/13/tim-hildebrandt/


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